Fermaca Networks Partners with Gold Data to provide Networks Services to US and Mexican Customers

Fermaca Networks Partners with Gold Data to provide Networks Services to US and Mexican Customers

New route will provide fiber-based connectivity accessing major metropolitan markets in the US and Mexico.

MEXICO CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fermaca Networks (FN), a purpose built Infrastructure provider seeking to utilize the most unique right of way for purposes of being a leading provider of Long Haul Dark Fiber infrastructure in Mexico, announces its Partnership with Gold Data that will allow both companies to leverage complementary strengths in the marketplace. In addition, Gold Data is acquiring an undisclosed number of Fiber Pairs in Fermaca Networks phase 1 route (FN-1) which originates in El Paso, Texas and traverses multiple cities in Mexico and reaches as far South as Queretaro and Guadalajara.

“FN’s core strengths complement those of Gold Data perfectly and we are excited about the opportunity to align our values,” stated Edgar Mosti, CRO, Fermaca Networks. “The skillsets and experiences of the two companies work synergistically and clients originating from either partner can expect a smooth and successful joint solution for fiber requirements throughout the areas they serve. We are sharply focused on our clients’ success, and we believe this partnership will benefit our mutual and prospective customers.” We are excited to also welcome Gold Data into the Fermaca Fiber Partners (FFP) program in which Gold Data will play a key role.

We are excited to acquire fiber pairs in Fermaca’s network, Gold Data complements its state-of-the-art topology network that is revolutionizing Mexico’s demanding connectivity market.

We are supporting this market with an offer from several international networks.

“With this new underground route, it allows us to increase Gold Data’s reliable footprint in addition to our ‘Gold Data 1’ backbone submarine cable. Also, we are very happy to join Fermaca Fiber Partners, who will provide extended networks to all Fermaca customers,” says Renato Tradardi, CEO, Gold Data Group.

Source: Business Wire

For more information about Fermaca Networks, visit: https://fermacanetworks.com/

About Fermaca Networks

Growth, specialization, standardization, market best practice adoption and streamlining drive the Calvillo brothers to consolidate their family office and businesses under a holding Company, Fermaca Dreams, that drives strategic focus, performance, and execution to a top-notch institutional level across all their companies. “Born to Grow” is at the essence of Fermaca Dreams DNA, relentlessly searching for further growth opportunities.

Fermaca Networks, a Fermaca Infraestructura Company that sits within the Fermaca Dreams Holding, is a purpose-built digital infrastructure developer seeking to utilize the safest, most unique right of way in Mexico for purposes of being a leading provider of much sought Long Haul Dark Fiber infrastructure in Mexico. Phase 1 route will run fully underground, parallel to existing natural gas systems in some sections, and will follow highway routes in others, aiming at optimizing asset security and performance. A unique and proven track record of expertise and success in Mexico, and key local and international strategic alliances make of our digital infrastructure projects, a unique opportunity with unparallel growth potential.

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