Fermaca Networks Announces the Launching of Its Terrestrial Fiber Route FN-1 from West Texas to Central Mexico

Fermaca Networks Announces the Launching of Its Terrestrial Fiber Route FN-1 from West Texas to Central Mexico

MEXICO CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fermaca Networks, a leading infrastructure developer, is proud to announce that it is starting the deployment of a 2,000 km underground system which will connect El Paso, Texas and Queretaro, Mexico. It is the first system of its kind in the past 26 years and will also connect with other strategic cities in Mexico: Chihuahua, Torreon, Aguascalientes, and Guadalajara. 

“This US$175 million investment is the first phase of Fermaca Networks’ Mexico network expansion. It marks the first phase of bringing much sought Long Distance Dark Fiber availability between the US and Mexico. Fermaca Networks has also created the Fermaca Fiber Partners Program which consists of the ‘Best of Breed’ Metro, Regional, Long-Haul and international fiber network operators in order to interconnect the most important Data Centers in the country,” said Edgar Mosti – Chief Revenue Officer, Fermaca Networks.

FN-1 will be the first cable to be deployed in Mexico in 26 years. This new US-Mexico digital highway will offer key players such as Hyper-scalers, Carriers and Large Enterprises unlimited capacity required by the market and will play a key part in empowering the fast-growing Data demand in Mexico. The 192-fiber/Multi Duct system will be completed in Q4’2025.

Fermaca Networks has spent the last two years designing the most efficient fiber route that utilizes a combination of unique Right of Ways. “We are excited to continue our track record of success in delivering greater value to our clients and partners and help them compete in the arenas they serve around the world. The combination of Fermaca Infraestructura’s know-how with 8000+ Landowners and Public Right of Ways, paired with a track record of successful completion of Energy projects make us an ideal market maker in the Telecom space,” said Ray Fletcher – CEO of Fermaca Networks.

About Fermaca Networks

Growth, specialization, standardization, market best practice adoption and streamlining drive the Calvillo brothers to consolidate their family office and businesses under a holding Company, Fermaca Dreams, that drives strategic focus, performance, and execution to a top-notch institutional level across all their companies. “Born to Grow” is at the essence of Fermaca Dreams DNA, relentlessly searching for further growth opportunities.

Fermaca Networks, a Fermaca Infraestructura Company that sits within the Fermaca Dreams Holding, is a purpose-built digital infrastructure developer seeking to utilize the safest, most unique right of way in Mexico for purposes of being a leading provider of much sought Long Haul Dark Fiber infrastructure in Mexico. Phase 1 route will run fully underground, parallel to existing natural gas systems in some sections, and will follow highway routes in others, aiming at optimizing asset security and performance. A unique and proven track record of expertise and success in Mexico, and key local and international strategic alliances make of our digital infrastructure projects, a unique opportunity with unparallel growth potential.

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